Experience the Difference




From a diagnosis of complex post-traumatic stress disorder, where I was advised I would not ever work again, I set about to prove my own belief that a diagnosis was not going to determine my future well-being. I determined I would overcome symptoms and find a way to reclaim my life with a freedom to enjoy and prosper. 

This single-minded decision, led me to embark with a clear focus on many treatments: psychological therapy, EMDR, psychiatry, TRE, 12-step recovery, meditation, mindfulness. All these modalities helped immensely. However, at the end of four years all these approaches, and tens of thousands of dollars, I was still experiencing issues with despondency and emotional hyper-vigilance. It felt like an emotional cloud constantly hovered over my daily life. 

Then, a Facebook ad, of all things, popped up for Brandon Bays The Journey Method seminar, and I knew that some ten years earlier this had helped me, and my family, manage my mother’s cancer, and supported my grief emotionally. Attending that workshop had a big impact on my emotional state of being. I felt like finally I had finished with the recurring images, nightmares and general victimhood. I felt empowered to face the next stage of my healing journey with real confidence and joy. I felt a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm for life, I wanted to exercise and meet up with people. It’s like even food started to have more flavour. To this day, I do not have nightmares or flashbacks and sadness and despondency are not constant clouds.

This renewal of my spirited self, led me to enrol in the modality and train to become a practitioner. I asked friends to try attend the next seminar, that I would give them their money back if it didn’t impact them positively, and when they all experienced similar results of overcoming stuck issues and their identified emotional blocks, I committed more fully. In 2019, I completed the final module of training in Holland and training events in UK and Israel as well as Australia. On top of the 49 case studies to qualify as a practitioner, I have processed over 200 people, facing wide ranging issues across the spectrum of emotional challenges, and even physical issues, with success rates and excellent ongoing results that last.

With radiant love,

Sal x